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What is Hi-Sour?

By mixing alcohol and Hi-Sour, a genuine and delicious sour or chuhai can be made!

【Standard izakaya drink mixer】

Lemon sour and chuhai often enjoyed at izakayas are light and tasty, aren’t they? They are actually made by mixing lemon and carbonation. If you want to make it at home, this is where Hi-Sour comes in.  Just pour High Lemon (3) with shochu or vodka (1)!!  A sour or chuhai full of fruit juice with a lemon aroma and bubbly carbonation is ready!!  You can adjust the strength of the alcohol and at times mix umeshu and other liqueur to make an original drink.
What?  Did you think Hi-Sour contains alcohol?  Hi-Sour is not alcoholic.


在居酒屋中喝的美味可口檸檬碳酸汽泡酒。 其実是焼酒戓是伏特卡酒加入檸檬及碳酸水等調和的。 只要有嗨莎娃-、在家裏您自己也可以做成像居酒屋那様好喝的飲料酒。 做法簡単、杯中放進4~5個冰塊、倒入5分之1的焼酒或是伏特卡酒再加入5分之3的嗨莎娃-用調棒軽々撹伴1、2次、即成為檸檬果汁清香爽口美味的碳酸汽泡酒!



The secret of Hi-Sour’s superb taste which made it everyone’s favorite for many years

Non-sweetened, light and strong carbonation! Achieving a “sophisticated taste!”

Hi-Sour has been made non-sweetened and light so that it can be mixed with alcohol. A carbonated drink for highlighting the alcohol taste. There are various flavors such those containing lemon juice or hops. It goes well with any dish.


嗨莎娃-與酒調和、不但可口舒暢、更能顯出相映酒、真正真銘大人的口味碳酸 果汁汽泡酒。且有多種不同果汁風味。更有啤酒花風味、最佳伴於任何料理。

We use only approx. 30% of the delicious part of the lemons produced in Sicily, Italy using the luxurious “extraction from the center” method.  

We use safety-guaranteed lemons with established “traceability (able to trace right back to the farm),” harvested in the world’s renowned lemon-growing district, Sicily, Italy. Extraction from such lemons is done using a unique and specialized “extraction right from the center” method, using only approx. 30% of the lemons from the “first extraction.” Because the juice is only extracted from the very best part of the pulp, there is no bitterness or harshness of the rind, and is top quality with only the aroma of the lemon pulp itself. We pride ourselves in our masterpiece using lemons【extracted from the center】.



Superb mildness and taste!  Actually, wine is used as the secret ingredient.

Hi-Sour, which is a drink mixer, uses wine as the secret ingredient. In various dishes, secret ingredients are used to enhance the flavor of the main ingredient. Hi-Sour, of course, is not alcohol but a soft drink (※), so the alcohol contained as the secret ingredient is under 0.2%.

(※) According to Japanese law, soft drinks refer to beverages which do not contain any alcohol or which contain small traces of alcohol (under 1 degree which is not considered to be alcoholic).




Home drinking party tonight! It would be fun to create your own recipe!

Hi-Sour was traditionally thought only to be a “companion to shochu group ko”…but it actually goes well with drinks other than shochu and vodka which do not have any taste! Here are some suggested combinations of alcohol and Hi-Sour. We hope you can discover the “taste of your choice.”


>>Suggested recipes are here. 向您推建最熱門做法

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