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Hi-Sour is a mixer for alcohol with fruit juice contained in carbonated water. You can make a genuine delicious sour just by mixing it with alcohol. You can also make it according to your preferred ratio and enjoy your own taste regardless of your capacity for alcohol. There are a variety of flavors such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, plum (ume),

40th anniversary taste 40周年紀念口味

Hi-Sour Hi-ppy is subtly and refreshingly bitter and fruity. It is carbonated water made of hops and lemon to mix with alcohol. It is body-friendly with reduced calories and 0 purine body, and is recommended for health-conscious people. It can be mixed with a variety of alcoholic drinks such as shochu, vodka, whisky and mildly sweet umeshu (plum wine), etc. You can choose from 3 flavors, lemon beer taste, beer taste or ZERO (alcohol 0.00%), according to your preference.


Hi-Sour Hi-ppy 嗨莎娃-嗨比―

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